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At Herrington Studios, we approach our art-form with respect, humility, and understanding that a single photograph can define a moment in someone's life. It can bring inspiration to achieve, create, become, belong. We love to dream the impossible of dream.


"I used to pick up a camera to photograph my family. When people would comment on the photographs, it was always with praise saying, "These are beautiful! Your husband is amazing with a camera!", and truly, he is, but some of these beautiful images were mine. Until one day, my husband asked me why I never corrected people. I replied, "People only like the photographs because they think they are yours." At that moment, I realized that I didn't think of myself as talented. Or as a photographer.My husband pushed me to see the beauty in my ability and the creativity in my work. More importantly, I began believing in myself. Little by little, I began on a journey to develop and grow by challenging myself with my photography.

Today, I am proud to say I am an artist with a creative vision and a passion for creating beautiful art. I am a photographer. I am your photographer.

- Alison Herrington



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